JA114 Sneakers!!

JA114.0 Sneakers

Life Style of EBKMW x Timbuks2 Style Messenger Bag: JA54.0

EBKMW JA54.0 X Messenger Bag

Life Style of Jean Art 54.0 Volume 1.0 Sneaker

Sneakers: JA 54.0

Sneakers: JA 54.0

Wearing Sneakers JA 54.0

Wearing JA 54.0

Jean Arts @ Subway Stations

Subway Station & Jean Art 001Subway Station & Jean Art 002Subway Station & Jean Art 003Subway Station & Jean Art 004

Classy Mini Bar & Artsy Jean Arts

Jean Art | Mini Bar | EBKMW

Classy Mini Bar & Artsy Jean Arts:

I like abstract art.

There is no specific this or that angles, portrait or landscape modes and right or wrong to look at them. When you appreciating absract art piece in different time, occasions, moods, age, with different people, you will discover new looks, objects or idea every single time. The abstract art is a living creature like us .

I love abstract art.